Kermit Jones, Jr.

Kermit Jones, Jr. – I have been in the Navy for 29 years as a Surface Warfare Officer and later as Chaplain. I continue to serve in the Navy Reserve supporting our service members and our veterans. I enjoy business and life coaching, helping, and supporting my fellow vets, my four daughters, and my wonderful […]

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Michelle Bridges

Michelle Bridges – Lonelier than ever and without a community of support, I was hopeless and unsure I would ever heal. I am a US Navy Veteran and the spouse of a Gulf War Veteran. On my best days, I am unstoppable, goal-driven, and determined that no one else will follow in my footsteps alone.

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Nick Pultorak

Nick Pultorak – I served 24 years in the military in Airborne Infantry and Special Forces. I was medically retired in 2006. I am now a federal employee working at USSOCOM at MacDill AFB. I’m 100% P&T VA with 70% CRSC but I still stay active cycling, hiking, and lifting whenever my injuries allow. I

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Tom Nelligan

Tom Nelligan – I am a civilian with a passion to help and assist our veterans! I am a Board Member of the SAM Center (Serving Area Military). Honoring Active Service Members, Veterans, and their Widows. Serving Area Military is a group of veteran supporters that have come together to be the conduit of the

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Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson – I have worked with First Responders (paramedics and firefighters) for nearly 40 years working on the administration side of it. I have witnessed how it has affected some of them. Veterans are affected in similar ways. My goal is to become a mentor to those who have sacrificed for us civilians.

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Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis – I was in the Army from 2010-2015 (medically retired). I operated as an 88M. I currently am working as a Hospice Care Provider and working for Interact as a Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Counselor. I’m currently in college for Psychology. Prior to the Army, I was a firefighter/medic.

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Jessica Caldwell

Jessica Caldwell – I am an Army Combat Veteran that served in Honduras and Desert Storm. I am a mom of 2 young men and a new grandma of a precious baby girl. I love the outdoors and spending time with my 2 cane Corso. I am happy I came across The Long Walk Home

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Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge – I am the mother of a Marine. After seeing his struggles with adjusting to civilian life, I realized that there are a lot of service members that don’t have the support that they need. My goal was to be there for those that need support. I also run a non-profit that assists

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Vicky Vazquez

Vicky Vazquez is a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, practicing Buddhist, teacher, and student of life. Recently moved to the west of Florida after living in Miami for over 30 yrs. I have a soft spot for veterans. My father was an army veteran (Korea). Eventually, I became his legal guardian, due to his mental health. I

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