A Veteran-Led Nonprofit

The Long Walk Home Prevents Veteran Suicide

The Long Walk Home is on a mission to stop Veteran suicide. We offer self-empowerment courses, suicide prevention workshops, and community-building events. All at no cost to Veterans and their families. 




About Us

Founded in 2006 by a Marine Veteran, The Long Walk Home is on a mission to empower Veterans around the country and prevent Veteran suicide.

Every day, roughly 17 Veterans are lost to suicide. This is unacceptable to us. Our organization addresses this problem by providing transformative programs, resources, and events to Veterans and their families, free of charge.





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Mentorship Program

Four Options For The 10 Challenges To Service

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Self-paced online course with a Mentor to guide you

through the 10 Challenges. Take up to 10 weeks to complete.


3 weekly sessions in a Zoom group course

with Mentors guiding the group to complete the 10 Challenges.


1 Day session in a Zoom group course

with Mentors guiding the group to complete the 10 Challenges.


Walk With Ron Zaleski, our Founder

You will be given instructions to prepare ahead of time once you sign up.

Begin Your Self-Empowerment Journey

Mentorship Program

Four Options For The 10 Challenges To Service


Take the 10 Challenges Online

Available 24/7 and completed on your own schedule. Our Mentors are available to connect with you.


Weekend Camping Retreat

Reconnect with nature, meet other Veterans, and walk with one of our Mentors.


One Day Session with a Group on Zoom

Complete the challenges in one session with a group on Zoom.


Walk with a Mentor

Get connect with a Mentor in your local area and take the 10 Challenges in-person.

Get Involved

Be the Change You Want to See

The 10 Challenges to Service are supported by our passionate network of Mentors. The Long Walk Home is always looking for candidates to join our team and help Veterans and their family members embark on their self-empowerment journey.

Our Impact

Through our programs and events, The Long Walk Home has helped thousands of Veterans and military families overcome difficult circumstances and find their purpose. Here’s what they have to say.

Curtis Dennis

“A place where there is kindness, compassion and peace…wisdom, magic and joy…healing, purpose and possibility…kindness and camaraderie.”

Joe Piner

“The 10 Challenges to Service experience is essential for Veterans in gaining a better insight to things that often become obstacles in our lives yet frequently go unchallenged.”

Sarah Randall

“A great Veterans charity. Compassionate, hand-in-heart volunteers.”

Richard Ayers

I’m thankful for getting in touch with Ron Zaleski and The Long Walk Home. The work that they do is invaluable to Veterans like me.”

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Here’s the Latest News

Read about the latest news and developments from The Long Walk Home.

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