Profit and Loss Statements and Tax Documents are available upon request.

2023 Financials (Q1)

Revenue: $70,815.39​


    • Grants$63,750
    • Sponsorships$0
    • Corporate$3,369.60
    • Donations/Membership$3,695.79
    • Program/Events/Outreach$1,819.00
    • Merchandise$815.00 

Expenses: $63,630.00​

  • Administrative/Management $6,102.00
  • Veteran Programs/Events/Outreach $57,454.00
  • Veterans direct financial aid for housing, automobile & debt reduction $74.00

Volunteer Time Value: ​

  • 2020 $31,568.00
  • 2021 $45,586.00
  • 2022 $13,965.00
  • 2023 $4,195.08
  • What our Volunteer hours do not reflect are the over 10,000 hours that Ron Zaleski gave to the Veteran community prior to 2019. This includes his barefoot walks on the Appalachian Trail and then across the country, bringing awareness to the Veteran suicide crisis and sharing his story with other Veterans. He also ran a homeless shelter in the Florida Keys, providing a safe home for Veterans and their loved ones. Up until 2019, Ron did all of this without pay, prioritizing the needs of Veterans and military families over his own. Today, his selflessness is the embodiment of The Long Walk Home. Our team of staff, board members, and volunteers is proud to be able work alongside Ron and grow his ongoing efforts.


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