Profit and Loss Statements and Tax Documents are available upon request.

2021 Financials


  • Grants$308,000.00
  • Sponsorships$5,500.00
  • Donations$49,848.00
  • Merchandise$11,267.00
  • Membership$13,956.00
  • Events$7,636.00


  • Administrative$241,787.00
  • Fundraising/Development$12,527.00
  • Programs$57,096.00
  • Direct Financial Aid to Veterans for housing, automobile and debt reduction$16,150.00

Volunteer Time Value:

  • 2020$31,568.00
  • 2021 $45,586.00

Our volunteer hours do not reflect the over 10,000 hours Ron did while on his barefoot walk on the AT in 2006-7 and across the country in 2010-11 or the 2 years he had a homeless shelter in the Keys from 2014-16, all the hours he worked without pay till 2019 and the 1000’s of hours donated by all those that helped him on his journey and with events to fund outreach to Veterans in need. It also doesn’t include all the lives he had touched and been a catalyst to change in all the years from 2006 till 2019 when we started recording donations and results. Up till that time he felt it was intrusive and not proper to make the pain of other public, but he now realized for this organization to have longevity and continue to assist Veterans and their families the public must be made aware of the suffering of their fellow Americans so that it can be alleviated. He feels all those that served are his Fathers, Mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters and their suffering is unexceptable to him.

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