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Walk Across America

Starting on September 11th, The Long Walk Home is on a mission to honor our veterans and raise awareness about the urgent issue of Veteran Suicide.  Join us as we takes each step towards hope and healing.  Follow the journey, get involved, and help us spread awareness and support the brave men and women who have served our country.

Support this grassroots effort by joining the walk, becoming a sponsor, or acknowledging a veteran in your life!

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2024 – A Call to Action

At the heart of The Long Walk Home lies an unwavering mission: to prevent military Veterans from succumbing to the tragic fate of suicide. Our carefully ...
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Veterans Day 2023: Saluting Our Heroes

In the spirit of Veterans Day, The Long Walk Home stands shoulder to shoulder with our nation in paying tribute to the brave men and ...
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Ron Zaleski Visits Veterans on Death Row

Earlier this month, The Long Walk Home started a pilot program of its 10 Challenges to Service in the  Lowell Correctional Facility (a prison for women) for ...
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