At the Long Walk Home, we believe that talk is cheap. Solving the Veteran suicide crisis requires action. Below you will see the ongoing results of our programs and the lives that have been affected by our services.


  • Number of Veterans and Military Families Provided Housing730
  • Number of Outreach Events 2014-2022279
  • Suicide Intervention Workshops Participants66
  • Number of Volunteers72

Mentorship Program

  • Number of Mentees Served156
  • Number of Active Mentors29
  • Number of Personal Challenges Completed467

Upon completion of the 10 Challenges to Service

  • 100% of survey respondents “Strongly Agreed” or “Agreed” when asked if they would recommend the program to a Veteran.
  • 64% gained knowledge in how to increase feelings of gratitude.
  • 67% reported increased skills in setting and achieving goals.
  • 71% gained knowledge in how to cope with anxiety and depression
  • 64% gained knowledge in how to manage anger and negativity.
  • 63% increased skills in practicing mindfulness and meditation.
  • 56% increased skills in repairing and improving personal relationships.
  • 60% gained knowledge in practicing self-care and adopting healthy habits.
  • 63% increased skills in practicing humility.


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