July, 2021

The Long Walk Home is proud to announce that it has established partnerships with three local gyms in West Florida: Nonstop Fitness, Gym SRQ Fitness & Fuel, and Rhino Strength and Performance. Any Veteran who participates in our Mentorship Program and completes the ‘10 Challenges to Service’ will be eligible for a free gym membership at one of these three gym locations.

This will be an opportunity for us to strengthen our outreach to local gyms and also the greater local community of West Florida. We are thrilled to be working alongside other people who are committed to supporting Veterans and spreading awareness to the mental and physical obstacles many of them encounter after military service.

The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult not only for Veterans, but also their families. Founded in 2006, The Long Walk Home is committed to supporting Veterans and their family members. We are led by Ron Zaleski, a Marine Veteran who walked barefoot across the country as a memorial to his fallen brothers and to raise awareness for Veterans who commit suicide.

(Ron Zaleski walking barefoot in 2010)

Our organization was built upon the belief that a better future could be achieved for Veterans. The ‘10 Challenges to Service’ guide Veterans through a personalized, one-on-one process that is designed to help them reclaim a sense of empowerment, especially in a time of crisis. These challenges explore the habits, relationships, and attitudes that shape our lives.

This will not only promote our perspective-shifting Mentorship Program, but it will also promote a healthier lifestyle. These gym partnerships will be a significant development in our organization’s efforts to connect them with a network of other Veterans and provide them with valuable resources.

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*Veterans cannot qualify for a free membership at a gym if they are already an existing member at that gym.

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