Earlier this month, The Home Depot presented The Long Walk Home (TWLH) with a $1,000 gift. The generous donation will go towards funding our ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) workshops. Every day, roughly 22 U.S. Veterans are lost to suicide. To all of us with TLWH, this statistic is unacceptable. Problems demand solutions.  ASIST is taught to educate the community on the subject of suicide, equipping individuals with the tools they need to help those who may be at risk. Suicide is an uncomfortable topic and therefore often avoided. ASIST gives individuals the confidence to address the issue head-on and ask the difficult questions. At TLWH, we’re motivated by the opportunity to share knowledge with others, especially when we know it will benefit Veterans and military families in their transition to civilian life. Our next ASIST workshop falls in early March, with more will follow in the months to come.

A huge thanks to The Home Depot for helping to keep this mission alive. Your generosity is contributing to a suicide-safer community for Veterans and their loved ones! 


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