ASIST – Suicide Intervention Training April 15th-16th – 2023

ASIST-Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

ASIST is Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training-2 Day Workshop. April 15th – 16th, 2023, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm each day Registration required. Deposit will be refunded after attendance.

American Legion Post 338

46 Powder Mill Rd.

Southwick, MA 01077

The Long Walk Home Organization believes this workshop to be very effective. There is no charge to participants. The registration deposit of $100.00 will be refunded after the workshop is attended. If you don’t show up or have to cancel, the fee is kept as a donation.

Workshop will begin April 15th, 8:30am – 4:30 pm and April 16th, 8:30 am – 4:30pm. This is a 2-day class. You will go home at night and come back in the morning.

Two knowledgeable, supportive trainers will guide you through the course, ensuring your comfort and safety. One of our trainers on The Long Walk Home staff, Ron Newhouse, is a 22-year veteran and he has led 25 ASIST Workshops.This powerful workshop is a $250.00 value (per person) that is hosted by The Long Walk Home. This is what our Membership donors have been funding for us. Many thanks to the members!


The world’s leading suicide intervention training program

Trusted by professionals yet learnable by anyone, LivingWorks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is the only workshop of its kind. Updated continually to reflect new knowledge, LivingWorks ASIST has been empowering people to provide skilled, life-saving interventions for over 35 years.

The LivingWorks ASIST experience

LivingWorks ASIST is a two-day face-to-face workshop featuring powerful audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations.

At a LivingWorks ASIST workshop, you’ll learn how to mitigate suicide by recognizing signs, providing skilled intervention, and developing a safety plan to keep someone alive.

Two knowledgeable, supportive trainers will guide you through the course, ensuring your comfort and safety.

LivingWorks ASIST is proven effective.

LivingWorks ASIST is evidence-based. Here’s what over 30 peer-reviewed studies and government reports on LivingWorks ASIST found:

  • Improves trainee skills and readiness.
  • Safe for trainees, with no adverse effects from training
  • Interventions shown to increase hope and reduce suicidality.
  • Training is shown to increase general counseling and listening skills.
  • Saving lives and costs, yielding return on investment of up to 50:1

REGISTRATION REQUIRED due to limited capacity. The registration deposit is to hold your place and will be refunded after the workshop is attended by you. The deposit will be forfeited if you don’t show up or have to cancel.

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