Mentorship and 10 Challenges Introduction

A program designed to help veterans and families make their transition to civilian life.

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Meet The Mentors

AnnMarie Kennedy
Branch of Service: Supporter
Current City and State: Venice, Florida
Type: Veteran
Status: Available
Duane C Stamm
Branch of Service: Marines
Current City and State: Florida
Type: Veteran
Status: Available

A Message from Ron Zaleski, Founder

In the military we are taught to be of ultimate service to our country and fellow Americans. Getting discharged doesn’t mean we abandon that mission. Rather we must redefine it. Let’s utilize our military training to serve our community. One of your goals is to reach out to members of your family or friends and mend any discord that you may have created due to your altered perception following your experience in the military.

Since most civilians haven’t experienced what we have, they have a tendency to over dramatize what is happening in their life. To some, a hangnail is a tragedy. To those who have seen the horrors of war, though, they are drama queens. When we understand where they are coming from, we can be more tolerant.

My mission is still to serve and protect, but how do I do that now? I do it by being the person I want my children to be and the type of person I want them to be with. I do it by being involved in The Long Walk Home enacting the difference I want to see and making myself available to connect people with the services they may need – whatever they may be. I put people before money, and the more I learn, the more value I add to the lives of those around me.

Our challenges are like a Boot Camp, laying the groundwork to redefine our mission because we are now in charge of our lives. We are not victims. It’s up to us, not Uncle Sam!
You will communicate each challenge to your mentor as you complete them through our online portal.

Upon completion of your Ten Challenges, you will have the opportunity to partner with us at The Long Walk Home. You can become a volunteer at our events and, with the approval of our mentorship team, even become a mentor yourself.

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