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What are the 10 Challenges To Service?

Join dozens of veterans who have grown tremendously by completing our Mentorship and 10 Challenges for Service program.

At The Long Walk Home, we help veterans transition from military to civilian life, find healing, are empowered, and grow to serve.

Our 10 Challenges are designed to help make sure your life is anchored and stable, as you plan the next part of your life’s journey. Our mentors will support you in every step and they are people who really care about you!

The 10 Challenges for Service are challenging yet simple!


*Morning: What are you grateful for when you wake up?

*Night: Before you go to bed write one thing you are grateful that you accomplished or that happened to you during the day?

*Why? To commence a shift in your perspective, starting the day with a positive thought and ending it on a positive note.

If you have questions or want more information about our Mentorship and 10 Challenges for Service program, please contact us at

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