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Walk with Ron Zaleski, our founder, who walked across America Barefoot! No, you don’t have to go barefoot.

Take a walk or hike with Ron while doing the 10 Challenges To Service. This is the first step in becoming a Mentor. Ron will guide you along the way to complete the series of personal challenges designed to combat negative thinking, build healthier habits, develop goals for the future, and nurture personal relationships.

You may choose to join our network of Mentors who help Veterans and military families make their transition to civilian life.

Sample Challenge: Expressing Gratitude

*Morning: What are you grateful for when you wake up?

*Night: Before you go to bed write one thing you are grateful that you accomplished or that happened to you during the day?

*Why? To commence a shift in your perspective, starting the day with a positive thought and ending it on a positive note.

This sign up form is for the Self-paced online course with a Mentor to guide you through the 10 Challenges. If you prefer to do the Zoom group course, go back to this page to register by Clicking Here.

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