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Tara Augustine – I was in the Army Nurse Corps for 8 years, commissioned as a 2 LT right after college. I was patriotic and wanted to serve my country and a big draw to joining was travel. My first assignment was The Presidio of San Francisco! I was there for 3 years and got out after 3 years of service. Then, as a civilian, I decided I wanted back in! I was fortunate to have many good assignments including being stationed in Germany when the wall came down.

The assignment I felt most proud of was a humanitarian assignment in Honduras where we would go to remote villages and give medical, dental, and veterinarian care. I was in charge of the Immunization team. I was discharged in 1991 right after the Gulf War but ended up working for the VA for many years where I loved the camaraderie of working with fellow vets. Being a veteran gives me a lot of pride.

Choosing to live a life with self-sacrifice makes you feel a part of a brotherhood/sisterhood you carry the rest of your life! I am enjoying retirement but I still have a need for a sense of purpose. I volunteer with a variety of programs including the USO, Dali museum, Hospice, and The St Pete Free Clinic. I have a son in the Army who is currently stationed at FT Sam Houston TX. I am very honored to be a part of The Long Walk Home and The 10 Challenges.

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