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Growing up I attended a technical high school and graduated with a machinist certificate and a high school diploma. I quickly realized I didn’t want a career as a machinist and joined the military as a jet engine mechanic. Once I got out of the military I attended an aviation technical college to get an airframe and power plant license in order to become an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. Halfway through my working career, I decided it was time for another change and I went back to school and got a degree in mechanical engineering and got a job working for a major aerospace company as a design engineer. I then decided enough was enough and retired and did what all retired Americans do, I moved to Florida. I was an avid runner and cyclist for 30 years. I still cycle a little bit but haven’t done any running in a while although I would like to. Working for an airline allowed me the opportunity to travel quite a bit and I’ve been fortunate to have seen a lot of the world. I’ve had a motorcycle since I was 14 and enjoy riding and taking motorcycle trips from time to time.

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