Do you want to help a Veteran? The Long Walk Home (TLWH) is excited to announce that it is launching its “Campaign 22” in an effort to raise funds for Veterans and their families. By signing up for a $22/month donation, you can show your support for Veterans and TLWH’s mission to prevent Veteran suicide. Donors have the option to decide where their monthly donation goes and will also receive a series of perks including a Campaign 22 t-shirt, 10% of all TLWH merchandise, and a TLWH sticker. You can sign up by visiting the ‘Campaign 22’ section on our website. 

The number 22 is significant in that it represents the 22 Veterans we lose to suicide on a daily basis in the United States. For context, the suicide rate among military personnel is 50% higher than the national average. Our founder Ron Zaleski, a Marine of the Vietnam era, walked barefoot along the Appalachian Trail in 2006 and then barefoot across the country in 2010 as an effort to raise awareness for this crisis. While on his nationwide journey, Ron Zaleski wore a sign around his neck that read “18 Vets a Day Commit Suicide” and carried a petition that would require mandatory counseling for all personnel leaving the military. When the US Department of Veteran Affairs updated its available data on Veteran suicides in 2010, Ron amended the sign he was wearing to say “22”. To this day, Ron still wears this sign when he embarks on his morning walks⁠—a demonstration of his undying commitment to fight the battle against Veteran suicide.

By joining Campaign 22, you are keep TLWH’s mission alive⁠—a mission that connects Veterans with resources, events, and programs that are all intended to reignite their lives with a sense of purpose and ultimately keep them safe if they are at risk of suicide. The programs and services that Campaign 22 will sustain include, but are not limited to: direct financial assistance for Veterans experiencing a crisis, a Mentorship Program that offers one-on-one counseling, animal encounter retreats, and community events intended to create comradery and lower stress. These initiatives are ever-expanding and TLWH supports Veterans from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, financial standing, and location. TLWH is here to help, no matter what the circumstances.

Whether you are a Veteran yourself, a family member of a Veteran, or a supporter of our country’s military service members, Campaign 22 is a great opportunity to put some skin in the game and demonstrate your commitment. In addition to the base $22/month donation, there is also a $66/month donation option to represent the approximately 660 Veterans who are lost to suicide every month. Your generosity means the world to us, and is a constant reminder that there are others out there who recognize the need for Veterans to receive more support for the sacrifices they’ve made. Thank you for your continued support.

To join Campaign 22 today, click here.

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