“I would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of our greatest and least noticed volunteers: Terri Miller. She was born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan to Aileen and Robert Miller. Her father was a Navy Veteran in WWII and worked as a Building Contractor, while mother was one of the first practicing Chiropractors in America. Terri grew up in East Detroit where she became a Dental Technician and then Later started her own Dental Lab. After moving to Florida she formed Custom Tails Jewelry, making exact replicas of individual Dolphin Tails as well as Orcas, Manatees, and other marine life. If you’ve gone to a facility that has interactions with dolphins you’ve probably seen her work in their gift shops. Throughout her life she has sought to be of service to others and is constantly striving to live by example.

“I met Terri in the Keys in 2007, shortly after I had walked the Appalachian Trail. She was a member of Keys to Peace, a nonprofit that had backed me at events in the Keys. She was a very active member and helped by volunteering at many of our functions. We got to know one another better as she took on a bigger role at more and more events. This was by way of her attention to detail, integrity, and work ethic. Life takes its own course and may seem random, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Terri moved to Venice in 2015 and I joined her shortly after in 2016. I rebuilt my network in Venice with the aid of Terri, who worked tirelessly to ensure my paperwork was in order, make sure everything I wrote was sensible, make chocolate for our fundraising efforts, and the many other things that a partner does to build the other up and help them pursue their dreams. She never asks for acknowledgement, but her perspective is crucial to our team.”

-Ron Zaleski

All of us with The Long Walk Home applaud Terri Miller and continue to feel inspired by her hard work, dedication, and service.

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